Tuesday, March 31, 2009

You feel...because...

When I got home from school yesterday, J told me that one of our neighbors had dropped by seeking some advice from me - career advice, no less! Of course, she was fully aware that I hadn't finished the program yet but was still anxious to get my feedback and any semblance of career counselling that I could give her. (My first face-to-face 'client'!)

At first, I was flattered and then I was nervous at the thought of whether or not I would be able to help her (or possibly, harm her in the process). So, I gathered some of my materials from school that I thought might be useful including a couple of brochures from the place I'll be doing my summer practicum and made my way next door.

Without going into any details (client confidentiality, you know), I'm happy to report that I was able to use many of the counselling skills that I've learned through the program (paraphrasing, empathy, attending and self-disclosure to name a few) but I was also able to share one of the self-management strategies we were taught in class - yes, your friend and mine - the trusty decision-making chart! I not only shared the strategy with her but we actually went through the whole process and discussed the results that emerged.

It felt great to be able to share this information with E and to receive such positive feedback on how the experience went for her. Of course, she was an ideal 'client' but her situation was real and one that I might possibly be confronted with at work, one day.

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kate said...

Wow that's great! Real life experience!!! You should put that in your reflection journal!!

I'm impressed. Guess those profs are teaching us real good eh? :-)