Thursday, March 5, 2009

Love is a Battlefield

They're playing some really great 80's music on the radio right now. (Gosh, who stills listens to the radio and do they still call it that?!)

I grew up listening to the radio incessantly. As a result, I have an uncanny (and totally useless) knack for recalling 80's and 90's song titles from the first few notes. I still remember taping (on cassette, no less!) the top 10 songs of the day on certain stations and then, feverishly dialing in to see if I could recite them over the airwaves to win the prize of the day. I won a few times. Records. (Yes, records.) Red Rider and Luba were a couple of the albums I coveted. (I know, bleh.)

[I love Pat Benatar's outfit in this photo...if only the tight pants weren't so shiny.]

1 comment:

Skip said...

What? Not so shiny? Dont let K see that, she has a pair just like that. Mind you I bought them for her. Try your hand at this Miss
80's music.