Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fesenjaan, anyone?

Last week, I was introduced to a fantastic Persian restaurant called, Pomegranate, by the lovely Miss Kate. Located at 420 College Avenue (at Bathurst), Pomegranate offers a very cozy, casual and intimate atmosphere (I don't think the place even seats more than 30 patrons). The room is decorated with an assortment of Persian rugs and small wooden tables. Some curious features of the dining area include the bed-like eating area and the jacuzzi style pool of fish. The REAL highlight, however, is the food (oh, yes and in this case, the wonderful company, too!). Miss Kate had been to Pomegranate several times and sampled a number of tasty entrees and appetizers - none of which have disappointed. My meal was superb. The portions are generous and oh, so delicious. The same ingredients appear in most of the short menu’s offerings: lamb, yogurt, eggplant, walnuts, barberries, pomegranate, rosewater. Lemon adds zing to grape leaves encasing rice and herbs. Creamy, seasoned yogurt mixed with cucumber, walnuts and rose petals is refreshing, for scooping with fab flatbread. Two daily stews round out the mains; one evening sees a savoury cinnamon-seasoned stir of cubed lamb, apricots and yellow split peas. Pomegranate syrup adds sweetness to fesenjaan, a dark, rich stew of chicken, lamb shank or mushrooms with ground walnut. Basmati, yogurt and salad shirazi accompany entrĂ©es.

The service was good and the co-owner of the establishment was friendly and warm. The hours of operation are my only complaint, as they are strictly a dinner restaurant with limited hours (and closed Mondays). Tues-Thurs: 5pm--9pm; Fri-Sat: 5 pm--10:30pm; Sun 5pm--9:30 pm. Be sure to bring either cash or credit as there is no debit available (there's a bank, conveniently located, almost directly across the street).

Here is a sneak peek:

Fesenjaan is a smooth rich stew of ground walnut and pomegranate syrup served beside a plate of saffron basmati rice, creamy yogurt and salad and absolutely deeelicious! I am still thinking about this dish - a week later.

Here is the assortment of sweets my lovely guest and I shared. There were little chick pea flour cookies in the shape of flowers which melted in your mouth (!), honey-dipped fried batter (similar to julabi) and a nut brittle of some sort. We topped it off with some peppermint tea.

I highly recommend you treat yourself to Pomegranate and all of its delights!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Any man can be a Father. It takes someone special to be a Dad. ~Author Unknown

Thank you for everything you do for us. We love you very much. xoxoxo

Friday, June 15, 2007

Junk Shopping

There is a fabulous little junk store in Gananoque (just a 10 minute drive from the outskirts of Kingston). It's an ongoing "flea market" housed in what appears to be a converted greenhouse. It's jam-packed full of little treasures and books and ephemera and all kinds of goodness that pack-rats like me thrive on.

There were tons of little trinkets, statues and tea cups. They aren't pictured here but I did manage to find a few dust collectors that found their way into my basket such as cute, little, wooden, egg holders with painted happy faces, a Dickensian couple carved out of wood, an owl that resembled a macrame hanging my parents once had and a sweet little glass paperweight of two birds that reminded me of my little person and I all intertwined.

My partner has a huge record collection (500+) and I often find the cover art amusing to look at. I've found some of the cheesiest imagery I've ever seen (it ranks high with velvet paintings that you can purchase in gas station parking lots). This Grand Funk album was certainly no exception...

I really wanted to get the Mr. T Cabbage Patch Doll but was certainly not willing to pay what they were asking. Instead, I fetched the box full of goodies beside him (including the Dukes of Hazard coloring set featuring, yup, good ole Boss Hog)... and then, some.

Ah, speak of the devil - velvet painting - one o'clock.

These dolls wrapped in plastic scared me.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tips on how to write great letters (circa. 1954)

During lunch the other day, I wandered into my favorite bookstore, Ten Editions. I often go there when I need a little treat such as an old postcard or vintage bookmark or bits of faded paper. This particular visit led me to this gem of a book titled, "How to Write GREAT Letters" by Charles Bury. It's a sweet little read with its little illustrations and often times, completely politically incorrect jargon. (I love it!). Here are a few pages for y'all to enjoy!

[If you click on the page to enlarge it, then you can read some of the helpful hints!]

Tuesday, June 12, 2007