Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Penpal Swap

Yes, I'm still alive and obsessing about handwritten letters and penpals, as of late! Thanks to Felicia C. Sullivan who wrote about Adventures in Letter Writing: The Pen Pal Swap on her website (http://feliciasullivan.com/?p=579). What a brilliant idea! I've always loved receiving goodies in the mail and have missed regular handwritten correspondence. As much as I love the internet and the wonderful ways I can connect with others, I do feel sad about what it's done to the art of handwritten letters and traditional correspondence.

As a child, I had quite a few penpals. There was Lisa in West Virginia, Liliana in Saskatchewan, Lori in Pennsylvania... We would send class pictures to one another and write about school and our favorite colors and the "snowballs" we would attend. One of my dearest friends, Angie, also had a number of penfriends. I remember rushing over to her house to read the latest letter she received or to look at her new stationery. We would practice our penmanship on scraps of paper and pore over her sticker collection. We tested her glitter pens and metallic markers and watched Big Blue Marble to find out how we could get even more penpals.

Recently, we decided to get our little people to write to one another, knowing how much fun it would be for them (and to live a little vicariously, as well!). My little person is very excited about this prospect and has started thinking of things to write about!

[Coincidentally, my partner also shares a love for handwritten letters. Imagine the surprise when he shared several of his shoeboxes filled with old letters and little goodies that he had saved throughout the years. Yet another reason why I think we're such a fantastic match! (Shhh... he also has a love for Japanese stationery which he acquired during the time he lived there)].

As for Angie and I... To this day, we still love writing notes to eachother, though, it's more sporadic or limited to greeting cards. We're also still very particular about perfecting our penmanship and still swoon at the sight of beautiful stationery and little stickers and rubber stamps to adorn envelopes.

For those of you who miss receiving goodies in the mail, I urge you to check out Felicia C. Sullivan's post and join in the penpal revival.

[OR... if you feel more comfortable sending yours truly a handwritten letter, why, I certainly wouldn't mind that, either...] ;)

Monday, April 16, 2007

"Brown paper packages tied up with strings..."

"...These are a few of my favorite things..."

I am feeling particularly blah today and needed a bit of cheering up so I thought I would revisit the lyrics to that wonderful little ditty. I just love this song and find it especially uplifting on those not-so inspiring days (like today!). I was reminded of how beautiful the original film was with Julie Andrews and thought I would start the week writing about some of my favorite things...

The Sound of Music is one of my all-time favorites. I never seem to tire of it and can watch it over and over (and over) again. It's one of those "comfort" things, like a nice, warm, hearty soup on a blistery Autumn day or a cup of (lactose-free) hot chocolate after an afternoon of skating or better yet, putting on your favorite pair of sneakers after having your piggies stuffed in a pair of heels (yikes, what a horrible visual). It was also one of the first records I ever bought.

My Favorite Things (lyrics)
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens,
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens,
Brown paper packages tied up with strings,
These are a few of my favorite things.
Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels,
Door bells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles,
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings,
These are a few of my favorite things.
Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes,
Silver white winters that melt into Springs,
These are a few of my favorite things.
When the dog bites,
When the bee stings,
When I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don't feel so bad.

Now, wasn't that uplifting? What are a few of your favorite things?

Here are some of mine:
+my family, of course! (I know, this one was too obvious!)
+old friends
+hearing J & H laugh (J has the moist boisterous/genuine laugh while H has the sweetest little laugh)
+papers of all kinds (handmade, moonrock, Japanese, rice - I don't discriminate!)
+my "skinny jeans"
+sunny days
+rainy days (indoors)
+teachers that inspire (that's you, Ms. G!)
+chocolate cake from Fresh on Bloor
+journals (both blank and written in)
+photographs (especially, H's baby photos)
+ephemera (particularly, old postcards, vintage cards/stationery, advertising, magazines)
+vintage children's books and the lovely illustrations within (e.g. the artistry of Kate Greenaway)
+cola bottle gummies
+handwritten letters
+notecards and stationery
+Ryan Gosling with facial hair
+Apprentice UK and Sir Alan Sugar
+inspiring blogs
+lazy days
+fun-filled days
+my green and pink Pumas
+horror flicks
+love letters
+music from the 80's
+mint ice-cream

I'll probably add more as the day goes on... (It's made me feel a bit better already!)

Hope you're happy in your own little corner of the world!

PS Highlights of my jaunt in Montreal to follow...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

2 am

I'm finally going to bed...

It's almost 2 am and I have to get up again in two hours to get ready to go to Montreal! We're leaving the house at 5am ("Sharp", I've been told). I'm really looking forward to it! I love the idea of spending the day and going on a little adventure!

I just wanted to thank my wonderful little family for encouraging me to go out and enjoy myself. (Aren't they the greatest?!) Thank you, thank you! Much love my little homies. xoxoxo

Friday, April 13, 2007

Are you happy?

Often, when I'm walking down the street or standing in the subway or elevator (or anywhere, really), I'll look at people and ask myself, "Hmm, I wonder if that person is happy doing what they do for a living. I wonder what their passion is..."

I stumbled onto a report written by Andrew Oswald, Professor of Economics, University of Warwick (which I believe was presented at the Warwick WBS Event, Warwick Hotel, NY, on 5 November, 2002) asking the question, "How much do people like their jobs?"

These were his findings:

.USA - 49% of workers say they are “completely or very satisfied” (Only a few percent say “dissatisfied”)
.Denmark - 62% say “completely or very satisfied”
.Japan - 30%
.Hungary - 23%

[Unfortunately, the stats. for Canada weren't included. Hmph]

Whenever I see these kind of stats., I have to wonder what kind of sampling was used.

Was it stratified? And if so, who composed the control groups?
Did any of these people have any sort of mental illness?
How old were these people?
Unionized or non-unionized positions?
Years on the job?

I remember when I worked at a previous job, quite a few passersby came up to me and commented on how happy I appeared to be. While it was kind of them to take the time to tell me, I often thought of how ironic it all was, since I was not always that happy with what I was doing (however, I did love meeting all of those wonderful people). I think of one of the most touching interactions was with one individual who was clearly, a very shy fellow and commented on how I've been so nice to him (by virtue of him passing my desk) and how he didn't know anyone in town so it made him feel as though he did have, at least, one friend. His confession was such a kind gesture and always reminds me to be mindful of those we cross paths with and that it never hurts to share a smile.

There are days when I miss that little ole post back home. I met so many wonderful people, including students, staff, Faculty, the general public, as well as many vendors and service providers within the institution. For the most part, I loved many of my co-workers, especially my supervisor. She was a great mentor to me - a strong woman with a good heart. She advised me when I needed to pull up my socks and was a good friend when the situation required it. A combination such as this is so hard to come by these days so I am grateful to have experienced that. We still keep in touch via email, mostly, and I hope we always do.

And that... makes me very happy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Paris Je T'aime

My partner is a self-professed Francophile. He's been to France something like four times; continues to learn French and is also teaching our "little person" the language of love (in fact, they've even placed little French labels throughout our home and designated certain meals as "French-only" times); visits French bookstores with the little person; is a cinephile for French flicks and has a French pen-pal (internet pal, really, who shares beautiful photos of his family and life from a countryside in France). His affection for the country is contagious (not that it would ever be difficult to fall in love with it, non?) and has led me to two blogs that I absolutely adore:



Not only are these blogs visually stunning, they are also amazing reads and oh, so inspiring! (Each blog also has access to their flickr photos which come highly recommended).

As you know, whenever I discover a blog that I love, I contact the writer to thank them. (It really is like having your fan mail answered, when they do! And even more inspiring to discover that these writers are lovely extensions of their amazing blogs!)

While our European vacation doesn't include France this time, my sweet Francophile has promised that the three of us will spend one summer there (who knows, maybe more?) in the future.

Until then, if you haven't already fallen in love with France, I ask you to open your hearts... and make a date with yourself to watch, Paris Je T'aime, and begin your relationship with this beautiful country...

Promises, promises

When my partner and I first met, he promised me two very special gifts:

1. His family
2. Travel

The gift of his family has materialized over-and-over, time-and-time again - each time we interact, it seems. They are the loveliest bunch I've ever met and are as close as peas in a pod (despite, the fact that one sister lives in Indonesia). They've been incredibly kind to my daughter and I, and have welcomed us with such open arms that it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it. They are such good people with these big ole hearts... I am so grateful for this gift (and for my very special guy!).

His second promise began to materialize almost immediately after we met. In fact, it began just a couple of short weeks into our relationship when we went on a road-trip to Toronto (my first time visiting!). If you ever want to get to know someone in a short amount of time, hop in a cube van with them and go on a long drive. For us, it confirmed that we were meant to spend the rest of our lives together and that we would eventually move to Toronto... And here we are now!

Another trip included a birthday present to Minneapolis, MN. What a wonderful treat! I think my favorite part was watching a midnight screening of Purple Rain at a theatre (Uptown). I don't know why it surprised me to see the theatre so packed (after all, Prince reigns from Minneapolis) but it was. The most surprising thing of all was how interactive the group was! People were bopping around, reciting lines (verbatim) and yes, sparking up their lighters during those tender moments (remember, Lake Minnetonka?). It was so much fun, as were the rest of the experiences of that trip. I couldn't wait to find out what was next on the agenda!

And here we are now... Anticipating our European vacation this summer (a first for my daughter and I; the fifth for my partner). I cannot wait to immerse myself in the experience! Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Zurich, Luzern, a very short stop-over in London, a day-trip to Milan and who knows what else (my sweetheart is taking control of the planning). Imagine the beautiful pictures to be taken, the spectacular fashions to behold, the stunning landscape and architecture and the lovely people to meet... Oh, I mustn't forget the delicious food we'll sample and the wonderful smells we'll encounter... It's going to truly be a feast for the senses!

Until then, I'll continue to peruse various blogs for stories and pictures as a bit of an appetizer for what's to come...

Monday, April 9, 2007


I've got a confession... (Oh boy, I can feel the willies coming on...)

I have, what might be considered, a maniacal fear of raccoons. It's a subject I've briefly alluded to, but am now ready to divulge in its pathetic entirety. (Actually, it's as a result of seeing two of those crazy critters making their way into my neighbour's yard the other night).

I never had much exposure to these critters until I moved to Toronto. In fact, the only other time I actually saw a raccoon was when I lived in Vancouver and saw this massive creature staggering across the street. (I didn't realize they could get so huge!)

Anyway, I think the fear really manifested itself one hot summer night... (Gosh, I wish I had taken a night vision video of it - y'know, just to capture the hilarity of it all). The past few weeks leading up to this night included several incidents of the critters attacking our green bins and destroying garbage bags. Our street resembled a city where the sanitation folks were busy striking (well, maybe not that bad but it did look a little dirty).

My partner had left the screen door open a tad, after going out on our deck/balcony, and I was freaking out. I told him to shut the door quickly because the critters might try to make their way into our home. He laughed and teased me and then, finally got up and shut the door. Still not appeased, I looked out into the darkness with fear, WHEN... I thought I saw some movement out on the deck!

"Oh no - it must be the raccoons! They're here!" Teased my very sensitive partner.

I rushed out to the deck when, lo' and behold, there was the backside of a rather, over-sized raccoon, just sitting out on the corner of the deck, admiring our backyard or just in deep thought. He then proceeded to walk across the deck railing (gosh, my heart's beatin' fast just relaying that night) and before I could grab a camera, my partner flashed the deck lights on. The critter practically fell off the railing - clinging onto the side and looking, what seemed to be directly, into my eyes! He then shimmied down the corner post...


Ever since that night, I haven't been able to enjoy our wonderful balcony. Whenever I do make my way out there, I'll stand right by the sliding doors, ready to switch on the light or head inside. (I'm sure I look like I'm completely crazed when I'm out there, especially the way my head jerks to-and-fro', making sure there's no animal scurrying above or creeping up the side of the house). In fact, throughout the winter, I frequently asked my partner what raccoons did those cold winter months. He reassured me and said they were "hibernating" and "it's too cold out for them". Despite being somewhat skeptical, I eventually gained a sense of peace from that. Of course, the peace was short-lived when I came face-to-face (okay, it was actually more like across the street in my neighbour's yard but it felt awfully close!) with another hearty critter. Dang, I should have known they weren't far... all clad in their fur coats feasting on their green bin buffet.

Speaking of green bin buffets...

The raccoons attacked the one on our porch this morning. They like to taunt me, I suppose.

In closing, I'd like to leave you with this disturbing visual... And the three letters that sum it up best, "WTF?!"


I forgot to pay homage to the lovely vintage shops that are scattered throughout Kensington Market...

"All hail the mighty vintage handbag!"

To show my respect, I purchased three items from that awesome shop, Planet Aid on Baldwin St. I picked up 2 vintage vests for $3.50 a piece and a very funky recon'd top for $30 made from a pair of jeans and a bohemian print shirt (it's probably hard to imagine - it's a tunic style top - great with a pair of skinny jeans and riding-style boots).

Happy Belated Easter!

(... or how ever you chose to celebrate the long weekend!)

I had such a special weekend but I can't really talk right now. Here are a few of the highlights:

- a date with my sweetheart which included a creperie on Queen Street (say that five times quickly) and a movie filmed in our hometown, Winnipeg, called The Lookout (which was great, by the way!)
- seeing how happy our little person was in the presence of our amazing babysitter (she really is a super-star and crafting extraordinaire!)
- a wonderful visit from an old friend (we met during a second year Criminology class - many moons ago... Maybe, too many?)
- hearing the words, "This is the most fun I've ever had!" from my little person's play date (always a Mother's dream, isn't it?)
- experiencing Easter through a little person's eyes (I think my favorite quip of that morning was how the Easter Bunny was heard during the night and how he threw up the eggs which landed in their hiding spots!)
- Kensington Market (and the pride of showing it to a non-Torontonian)
- King's Restaurant (think: sweet and sour soy bites, California rolls, spring rolls and drumsticks... I'm hungry just thinking about it!)
- tickets to Europe booked (!)
- being grateful that my home and personal life is so rich with wonderful experiences and that I get to spend those days with my amazing family (how did I get so lucky?)

There is one other highlight that requires a bit more detail... It's about a little shop that I visited in Chinatown...

I don't actually know the name of this little goldmine (or perhaps, I'm being selfish and hoping none of you will go there! Baahaa) but it's a gem! I wish I had taken pictures during my spree so that you might be able to appreciate the plethora of little treasures to behold! Beautiful Japanese style dishware, all kinds of trinkets and ornaments, elaborate mobiles hanging from the ceiling, costume jewelry (for all ages!), toys, housewares, baskets, incense, stationery, pens, pencils, crayons, Buddhas, stickers, rocks... you name it! However, the real appeal has been all of the amazing craft supplies I've found!!! Beautiful textured and printed papers (some of them, FULL SHEETS!), clear envelopes (of different sizes!), journals (I found two that are Parisian-themed!), beads galore(!), little glass darlings (in different shapes, beads included!), gorgeous handmade envelopes... (Oh boy, my head's spinning!) Best part of all - it's dirt cheap in there!

[Oh - I forgot to mention - if anyone is searching for a toilet brush with a handle full of water and pearls and fluorescent pink flowers, the little shop also carries them... Baahaa!]

Anyway, as I said earlier, I can't really talk right now...

(Imagine what a long entry looks like... Oh wait, you already do!)

More later.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Fickle, my pickle

fick·le [fik-uhl]

1. likely to change, esp. due to caprice, irresolution, or instability; casually changeable: fickle weather.
2. not constant or loyal in affections: a fickle lover.

My partner used this term to describe me the other day. He was being neither hurtful, nor derogatory, just matter of fact. However, after reading the dictionary.com definition, I think I may have preferred the terms "adventurous", "whimsical" or "curious", instead. When I shared this with him, he smiled and said how much he loved my inquisitive nature and clarified that he meant that I just liked to explore the different possibilities out there. (He's lucky he's got such a great smile and is so good with words!)

The reason I thought I would bring this up was because I thought it was a good segue to the progression of this blog and with regards to the way my life has unfolded here in Toronto.

Since we moved here, I've taken an art class, a makeup course and upcoming, a Counselling certificate. I've researched careers in Montessori, behaviour therapy, makeup artistry, and most recently, art therapy. I've contacted artists and spoken with psychotherapists asking them about their careers and the paths that led them to their current situation. I've read blogs upon blogs (upon blogs!) looking for inspiration and insight from people's lives around the globe in hopes to experience the same motivation and passion that these people express on a daily basis. And now...

I feel as though the Universe has just opened up a path for me and all these positive things are happening.

Is it silly to think that a book is responsible for being the catalyst to this all? It seems like such a wonderful coincidence that since I began reading the Artist's Way and embracing the principles, all of these amazing changes have started occuring. I guess, the more appropriate thing to pay homage to is the fact that I've actually made a decision, a promise/commitment to myself, and that's to leave the comfort of the unionized, bureaucratic, "pink-ghetto" that I've been a part of and pursue something in the non-profit sector.

It makes so much sense, since my background is actually in Family Studies (undergrad. degree). However, my first experience working in the field left such a bruise on my psyche (corny as that sounds). I was hired as an advocate for women "at risk"; mothers with children under the age of five who were referred from a government agency. The role was a challenge for so many reasons. I found myself judging these women, particularly because I felt such compassion for the children. What these women needed was for me to be an advocate but all I wanted to do was save these children, to care for them. I eventually quit, took a diploma at a private college and eventually, got the first of several positions at a post-secondary institution.

I know that I'm ready to move on to something more fulfilling. I want to do something meaningful and contribute to society (and in doing so, myself). I can no longer work in an environment where the most pressing issues include omitting U.S.A. in an already correct and acceptable mailing address or failing to put the country on a separate line from the city and postal/zip code for overseas mailing (yes, true story).

It's such a liberating and empowering feeling - knowing that I'm going in that direction. AND, I can actually see myself in this role... doing good, supporting a cause, promoting goodness, being passionate about coming into work (not just "killing" time, as well as my spirit) and feeling proud of the work that I do. What a wonderful future to look forward to!

Sunshine on a cloudy day

I had such a fantastic day yesterday that I think I need to document it in my blog - just as a reminder for me on those not-so fabulous ones. (Maybe, the little happiness fairies were out-and-about, working their magic yesterday?)

I met for the second time with the volunteer coordinator of a non-profit organization that I'm interested in contributing my time to. The organization is a non-profit, community-based support center offering outreach/education and programs (free of charge) and acts as a link between people with eating disorders and hospital based programs, school, agencies, therapists and families. I love that the organization believes that hope and support as essential for living with dignity and recovery. Their programs embrace empowerment and foster positive choices - something that each of us could benefit from.

Our initial meeting went very well - we had instant rapport (I felt as though I was talking with an old friend). During our meeting, I was surprised to hear myself speak so passionately and freely about the different ideas I had for the center and how I would go about implementing them. I didn't feel as though I was just blurting things out in an effort to impress her but rather, I could actually see myelf working on these projects (and how they might look). The volunteer coordinator was just as excited to hear about my ideas and was eager to share them with her colleagues. During our conversation, she indicated that there was an opportunity for me to facilitate an arts/craft workshop and get paid, if I was interested. ("If"? Shit, I've been waiting to hear that kind of offer for years!). We parted ways but promised to speak in a couple of weeks. I left the center feeling invigorated and excited and hopeful, adjectives that have been missing from my vocabulary with regards to my current work situation. (Oh yes, I also left with two t-shirts - one for me and the other for my little person. How thoughtful was that?!).

Our meeting yesterday proved to be another positive exchange. We met at one of my favorite restaurants close to work (Fresh), accompanied by her very sweet child. I brought samples of my cards to give her an idea of what we might do for a workshop. She actually swooned over them and proceeded to see if she could order 20 cards to use as thank-yous for an upcoming conference she's organizing (for another non-profit org. she works for)! She also mentioned that I might be able to display some cards at a shop run by the org. that is running the conference! (Joy!)

One of my ideas was to create a blog for the organization and provided examples of this. She loved what she read and was anxious to pass this information on to the Director of the center. She then went on to tell me how excited she was that I was joining the organization and informed me that this was a particularly good time, as there might be opportunities beyond volunteering! Again, we parted ways with the promise to be in touch soon.

I walked back to my present job, feeling hopeful, knowing that this walk was only a temporary one.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dedicated to Mr. School Bus Driver

Despite being a grey, wet, stay-home-in-your-jammies-with-the-coffee-pot-on-cozied-under-a-blanket-with-a-book kinda day, I was up earlier than normal so that I could catch the bus to the subway station. I usually make the 7-8 min. walk to the station every morning, as I figure it's the only bit of exercise that I can commit to. Anyway, moving on... I secretly hoped that my little friend, Mr. School Bus Driver, would stop and open that narrow yellow door to let me in but it had been quite some time since that happened (and I wasn't sure if we were now considered "estranged").

[To give you a bit of background, our "friendship" began on one of the coldest days of the year. It had snowed relentlessly that night and everything was backed up (public transit, included). Mr. School Bus Driver stopped in front of the little bus shack and let a fleet of us in... And so began our morning rendez-vous...]

I saw the bus coming up the street in the distance. As it inched forward, I thought I saw Mr. School Bus Driver turn his head away from the bus stop. Boo. When -lo' and behold!- he smiled, motioned to me to get in and opened the doors! (Yay, we're still friends!)

We both said our cheery good mornings and settled into a pleasant conversation about the weather (along with another gentleman who jumped on) and how there was construction up the street. We said our goodbyes and I commented on how it was nice to see him. We wished eachother a good day and off I went.

(On a side note: I thought I felt Mr. School Bus Driver reach out to pat my back - in a gentle/friendly (not perverted) way - as I got off the bus. Oh, please, Mr. School Bus Driver, I pray that you aren't just another pig in disguise).

In any case, it was a nice feeling to be the recipient of another person's kindness... In fact, I think I'll "pay it forward", as they say.

Thank you, Mr. School Bus Driver, for extending your kindness to me (and my fellow commuters).

On that note, I'd like to leave you with a quote by that dynamic duo, Peaches and Herb, "Reunited... and it feels so good".

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Thank goodness for Wikipedia!

Ever have one of those moments at the office when people are all hootin'-and-hollerin' and having a gay ole time - joking around and being all witty - all the while you're standing there... Wondering exactly what the hell they're fussing about? (By the way, it really was not that exciting or fun... It was actually one of those really lame moments - reason #563 to find some meaningful work).

In any case, once the group dispersed, I immediately logged on to my very loyal and knowledgeable (albeit, questionably accurate) friend, Wikipedia.

Bless you, Wikipedia. You catapult the common person to a higher level of pseudo-intelligence and make a dang good conversationalist of us all.

"Ah ha", I said to myself (after reading oodles of info. on the subject in question).

Then, I cringed. Totally not funny. And I went back to googling blogs and looking for inspiration...

Old Montreal

In a couple of weeks, I'll be going on an "Artist Date" with myself to the city of Montreal for the day! (Note: The purpose of the artist date is to be receptive so as to "fill the well" of your creativity).

I plan to stroll around Old Montreal with just my journal and camera (okay, for those of you that know me know that this is a lie, as I never go anywhere without a mid-sized bag filled with all kinds of crap). In any case, I envision my day as one filled with reflection (hence, the journal), beauty (hence, the camera) and indulgence (hence, my wallet and appetite!). I cannot wait!

Until then, please enjoy the lovely pictures below taken by Denis Tremblay, courtesy of www.old.montreal.qc.ca.

"You're a light weight!"

Yes, folks - he's BACK! The spunky, hard-nosed little assassin, Sir Alan Sugar, begins another season of cut-throat, back-biting, competition.

The Apprentice sees sixteen candidates, in two teams, competing against each other for a six-figure salaried position at S'ralan's company, AMSTRAD. Each week the candidates take part in a task set by Sir Alan. Each team will have a Project Manager who manages that group for that task. All the time Sir Alan's aides will follow the groups, and inform Sir Alan of what has really happened.

One blogger describes the series as, "top class pseudo-reality TV with a perfect combination of different personality disorders".

As a bit of background, the UK version of The Apprentice has Sir Alan Sugar in the Trump role of the hirer and firer. Sir Alan is the CEO of Amstrad and a prior owner of the Tottenham Hotspur football club. I like him so much more than Trump. He just seems more intelligent and completely unpredictable (as evidenced by some of his firing decisions from last year - remember good ole Joe?). My adrenaline is rushing just thinking about last year's episodes!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Happy Birthday, Polly!

I'm not obsessed with her but I do really think Polly is a wonderful gal... On Saturday, we had a little birthday party for her at our humble abode. As per usual, J whipped up an amazing meal (peanut butter pasta and a spinach salad with sesame dressing), complimented by merlot and the grand finale of gooey chocolate brownies.

Throughout the night, there were lively conversations between the two writers-slash-cinephiles-slash-screenwriters-slash-directors. I loved listening to them banter and to hear about their strategies for writing each day.

Coincidentally, Polly is the individual who first suggested The Artist's Way to me last April in Ottawa. She revealed that it was through following The Artist's Way that she eventually became a writer.

Polly and I were roommates during a work-related trip that April... We knew each other but hadn't spent any time together, really. The trip changed all that. We shared some great meals and even better conversations. We were both planning to leave the University and start something new - these were life-changing times for the two of us.

I'm so glad that the trip brought us together. And here we are, almost exactly a year later, celebrating her birthday together in Toronto! I hope you had a great day, Polly, and thanks again for recommending The Artist's Way to me!