Monday, March 16, 2009


This weekend marked the end of my Spring Break (aka Reading Week, though, there wasn't much of that going on!). Friday evening (after the interview), J & I went out for drinks and to listen to music at a lounge in our neighborhood. I was fascinated by the ridiculous vintage massage video that was being projected on a screen while the music played.

The following morning, we went for brunch at Sadie's Diner on Adelaide. If you get the chance, try the Huevos Rancheros (comes vegan, if you so desire) and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Amazing! ♥

We spent the evening with one of our favorite couples - Gro & Red. It was a really special evening because it was G's initiation to the world of sushi. Of course, as sushi lovers, we were very excited to be part of the event! G had a special set of chopsticks (you know...the kind that are connected by a hinge of some sort) but what was most impressive were R's collapsible pair - stainless steel and in a case, no less. It was like watching a pool shark take his cue out. (Props to you, R.)

Aside from the sushi, there was also premature St. Patty's Day celebrating as our guests bestowed us with festive cups and over-sized shamrock glasses, along with gifts of elderflower water and chardonnay. I blame the shamrock-colored wine for all the madness that broke out during the Wii boxing matches but it may have also been the sugar high that we got from G's delicious, homemade, fruit and almond bark. Mmmm!

It was a fun evening (even after we attempted to play the trivia game from the 80's with the ridiculous instructions and no, not Trivial Pursuit). We look forward to the next event when G will sport her shiny red tights at Big Daddy Kane! Thanks for a great night, you two!

On Sunday, we had a really nice family day which started off with strawberry pancakes and 'fakon' (fake bacon) and included a trip to the movie theatre. In the evening, we snuggled up and revisited an old episode of LOST. There was even a game of Yahtzee somewhere in there and as always, lots of chatting and laughing. ♥

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