Monday, March 30, 2009

The original flat top

Last Thursday night, I went to see the legendary Big Daddy Kane at the Phoenix with J, Gro and Skip. What an awesome night - from the venue to seeing BDK live. The energy at the Phoenix was amazing from the 'circle' (you know, the one people jump into and take turns breakdancing in) to BDK's performance to Gro's dancing (wow, the girl can move!). It was so much fun!

Big Daddy Kane performed for about an hour and a half. He belted out his hits, paid tribute to the holy trinity of hip hop (Jam Master Jay, Biggie Smalls, Tupac), as well as Big L (but instead of a moment of silence, it was a moment of noise) and danced like he was on fire with his 'brother' Scoob Lover. What a show!

My only complaint is this - and it's really not a complaint per se but rather, an embarrassing observation - the realization that I desperately need to practice my 'bouncing' skills. You know the's somewhere between dancing (but you don't really move around that much) and bobbing (but with rhythm). If I could just master that and throw some hips into it, I think I'll be laughing (or more accurately, someone will be laughing).

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