Monday, March 2, 2009

Like being in a meat freezer

It's really cold here today in Toronto. Despite growing up in Winnipeg (where the windchill can dip down to -30 and -40 degrees!), I will never ever get acclimatized to those severe temperatures. I even wore my heavy duty 'sleeping bag' jacket today and layered a pair of sweat pants under my jeans but still, I found it bitterly cold. The only consolation is that it's clear and sunny out. (This is a concession that can often be heard throughout those unbearably cold winter months in Winnipeg.) I'm home now with the fireplace on and the heat cranked up high. I'm also sipping on a double chai spice tea to keep me warm.

I'm feeling restless today (or, as my husband says, still). I wish I was somewhere else; doing something else. I'd love to be somewhere new and exciting with my camera (and family, of course)...taking pictures, holed up at a café and writing in my journal, sitting by the ocean thinking, eating interesting and delicious unknown delicacies, writing letters and postcards to friends about my travels, sipping cocktails to quench my thirst from the heat or meeting new friends abroad. Of course, what I really need to do is get back to my assignment. (Sigh)

I think I'll look through a couple of my vintage letters before I settle into my schoolwork again. It's a little way to brighten my mood.

Hope you're keeping warm wherever you are (in thoughts and in body). Talk soon. xo

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