Sunday, March 8, 2009

Like family

We had brunch with some friends that were in town from Winnipeg this morning. Since we had such a great time at Commensal the other night, we thought we would try it out again today. It was great seeing J & M and enjoyed the exchange of stories and laughs. It was like being with family (minus the bickering) and I realized how much I missed seeing my old friends.

I don't ever regret moving to Toronto from Winnipeg but there are days when I do miss certain things such as my family, friends, familiar streets and the ease of driving.

The transportation system in Winnipeg is nothing like Toronto's - there are no subways or streetcars and the bus system is really lacking. I had a car and drove everywhere when I lived in Winnipeg. You could get across town in about 45 minutes and downtown was only about 15 minutes from where I lived. It was effortless. Sometimes I miss being able to hop in my car and drive just 15 short minutes to get to most of my regular destinations. Other times, I just miss how easy it all was.

In addition to driving, I really do miss seeing certain people and spending time with them. I miss the comfort of my parents' home and playing with Yoyo (my and H's lop-eared dwarf bunny). I miss being near my parents and sister (in small doses) and spending time with my cousins. I miss my dear friends and hanging out and laughing with them. Some days, I wish I could just go for coffee or dinner with an old friend or just sit together and watch a movie. Don't get me wrong, I'm really enjoying the new friends I'm meeting but there's nothing like sharing a history with someone and having that level of comfort that is only attainable through years of friendship.

So, this is dedicated to all of the special people in Winnipeg that I'm thinking of tonight and all of the familiar streets I once frequented. See you soon. I miss you. ♥ xo

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JY said...

I still get a kick out of your mysterious "first letter only of a person's name" references. I share the sentiment that you have about not regretting moving away from Winnipeg. Calgary is home to me and the things that I like about Winnipeg are the old friends, "familiar streets", and of course my parent's and M's parents. So you had a dwarf lop bunny too! I had one, back when I was still dating S. Eventually she couldn't keep the bunny anymore due to allergies so he stayed with my parents til his final days. He was named Abraham, after my parents' street.