Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cadillacs can be scary

The little person couldn't sleep last night and had to crawl into our bed for a few hours. She couldn't stop thinking about the mysterious and scary Cadillac that her & her friends saw parked in a garage earlier that day. Apparently, the girls found a dusty old car sitting abandoned in a garage behind the home of one of the girls. The license plate indicated that the car hadn't been driven since 1988 (nooo, not 1988!) and the combination of letters and numbers were deciphered as the day that Jesus rose from the dead (good God!). One of the girls claimed that she had seen the very same car drive past her house several times before. It was hilarious hearing her talk about it in such a serious tone. In fact, one of the girls initiated a three-way call so they could discuss it further. Yes, folks - what we have here is a modern day mystery.

Of course, J & I couldn't help but laugh at all of the madness that the caddy was provoking. This morning, it still hung heavy on H's mind and she was jumping at everything during her walk to school. If I could only see what was going on in her mind...I imagine it would've looked similar to the movie Christine but instead of a Fury, it would've been the dusty Cadillac with the 80's license plate! I love it, though, because it shows how wonderful and creative her mind is. I also love how just thinking about it brightens my day and makes me smile. Teehee. ♥

[Please note: We do try to ease her mind and reason with her. Of course, we don't enjoy the fact that she's full of anxiety about it all. We just think the story's cute and her reactions to it comical.]


Jeanne said...

great story !

Kate said...

Childhood is such a wonderful time!!!! I always forget about those anxieties and issues we had to deal with as children... they were so real to us but oh so hilarious as adults.

I love this story! Maybe you should keep it in a journal or something so you can give it to H when she's older.

Ima Ventriloquist said...

My husband has been writing down funny quotations from H since they met. There's some great stuff in there, as you can imagine! I love the idea of keeping a journal for her, though. What a wonderful & special gift this would be, not to mention, a lovely (albeit, incriminating!) keepsake! :)