Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ana and Arthur

The official Hot Docs Festival guide just went up today. As always, the line-up looks fantastic and I only wish that I could trade my seat in class for one in a theatre (of course, it would be a magical seat that would appear in the theatre of my choice at any given time). The festival runs from April 30 - May 10 in Toronto with venues throughout downtown Toronto.

If you're only able to see one film during the festival, I urge you to see Ana and Arthur which is directed by Larry Young. It's an amazing film on so many levels - the story, the characters, the events, the atmosphere, the cinematography and the editing. J & I had the honour of seeing the film (even before its final version) during a couple of intimate settings with Larry, his wife Kathie, along with some privileged others.

[Congratulations to you, Larry!!!!!]

'The end of the seven-year marriage of Ana, a dynamic 70-year-old cardiologist, and Arthur, her 35-year-old farmer husband, unfolds with devastating honesty on their stunningly beautiful spiritual retreat. The toxic farm they had transformed into an earthly paradise for healing chronic illnesses is now the scene of their anguish. Larry Young spent over three years shooting the break-up, his camera unfailingly compassionate and relentless in its portrayal of the raw emotions of loss and grief. Anyone who has tried to hold on to a dying relationship will empathize with what both Ana and Arthur experience, their attempts at civility, and their descent into guilt and anger. And while the age difference between them gives this break-up film a particular twist-Arthur's love for a younger woman is the immediate trigger-the emotions of loss and grief are ageless.'

Saturday May 2, 7:15 pm- ROM
Monday May 4, 1:30 pm - Cumberland 3

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