Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome to ProcrastiNation

I like to travel there often. It's a nice place where there are big fluffy pillows, computer screens that never close, letters written at any given time, naps taken, movies watched, blogs relished, shiny objects catch people's eyes, magazines and books flipped through, loads of laundry finally done, dishes washed at odd hours, closets suddenly reorganized and cleaned, drives for coffee and useless items taken, televisions turned off-and-on, phone calls made, photographs snapped, crafts projects in progress, cookies baked, luxurious baths drawn, woolgathering done, and blog posts created.

It's a really lovely place. I tend to get lost there but the adventures are always welcome. :)


Kate said...

Heeheehee... I'm lost in the land of procrastination also... or the land of short attention spans.

Homebody said...

My passport has many stamps from my travels to ProcrastiNation. I like the food and the people are friendly!