Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mail ♥

Oh, my...I just received a box full of ephemeral goodness that I can't wait to sift through! Think: cancelled stamps on tattered envelopes, gorgeous penmanship, vintage cards, chicken-scratched love letters and old documents - the joy!

(Oh, my goodness! I'm all giddy! I feel like a child on Christmas day! Wheeeee!)

Ahem but FIRST, back to the looming school assignment.

M u s t...ge t...b a c k...t o...i t...

M u s t...

1 comment:

SnapandPrint said...

You are first on my list of letetrs to write when I get the time and the writing mood strikes!

Been a bit stressful with "interpersonal relations" here on my side and it has made me want to hibernate.

I love getting mail and my pile is larger and larger as people write me back. Time to get writing again.