Monday, January 12, 2009

Round Two

Oh my goodness, have I completely missed the weekend? :) Kidding, of course!

To backtrack, we actually had a big assignment due by noon on Friday so on Thursday night, I propped myself up on some pillows, placed my computer on my lap and turned on my old school cassette recorder. I listened to myself perform an assessment - cringing at the sound of my voice and thinking of all of the possible things I could have done better every step of the way! I found myself having to stop and rewind over and over (and over!) again so that I could adequately critique myself (in execution and in delivery) which was the basis of the assignment.

[It's always interesting to hear one's own voice, isn't it? I've always thought I sounded so someone else.]

After handing in my assignment on Friday morning, I had the whole weekend to relax and enjoy myself. (Ahhh.) It actually felt like I had earned my weekend which was a great feeling. There were times in the past (during previous employment), when it felt as though the weekend came around to save me from my work (as a kind of solace for enduring work which wasn't fulfilling) and not as a reward for a week of hard work and a job well done but rather, for hanging in one more week. (Having said that, it didn't interfere with my ability to enjoy the weekend any less!) ;)

It was such a pleasant weekend. There was a trip to IKEA, movies watched, games played, lots of family time enjoyed, emails answered, blogs read (my favorites, of course!), letters written, nice meals shared and several cups of coffee savored. :)

And today? It was a nice start to Round 2. Oh sure, there was still a lot of confusion and anxiety but it didn't feel unmanageable. And yes, my hands were still shaking when I had to present in front of the class but I need the practice. The best part of all? Feeling supported and in the company of those just like me. (Oh yeah, that and going to the Oldest Post Office in Toronto over lunch but...more about that later!).

Hope you had a lovely weekend and a nice start to the week! Talk soon. xo

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Kate said...

I cringed at the sound of my voice too.... but I'm sure you did well cuz when you were my "counsellor" you were fab!! :-)

Oldest Post Office eh? Cool!!