Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Balancing act

It was a much better day today. In fact, I would say it was 100 times better than yesterday in terms of mood and confidence. For starters, when it was time to do mock assessments with our triad from yesterday, one of our members had to attend to something so they weren't present. (Oh, did I mention that the professor of the class was part of my group? I guess it might have explained a lot!) Immediately, I felt a sense of relief (no disrespect to the professor, of course...just a childhood aversion to authority, perhaps!). Also, I made sure to study the steps involved in the assessment process last night and even practiced various scenarios with my husband(thanks, Love!).

Later on in the day, after learning more about the assessment process and watching examples (a video, as well as live role play), we were matched up with two new people. This time, I felt more confident about the process and my abilities to carry it out. The feedback I received was very positive which was a great feeling (and truth be told, the reassurance I needed).

Of course, there will be moments throughout the program where I'll feel as insecure and discouraged as I did yesterday. The key is balancing those negatives with positives. As I learn and familiarize myself with the different processes, policies, approaches and methods, my confidence will grow. Add to that the practical applications through group work and one-on-one mock sessions, I'll have ample opportunity to develop and refine my skills.

Anyway, here I am talking about school when I should actually be doing homework!

I hope you had a lovely day...wherever you are. Talk soon. xo

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I know your empathetic personality will make you a natural at this, even if it feels unnatural at first!