Sunday, January 4, 2009

Update: Package received

Once again, J & I are up late. The little person is at a sleepover so we had a nice evening to ourselves which involved takeout from Fresh and two movies - The Dark Knight and Die Hard - both of which we've seen several times. (Currently, I have AMC on in the background with a crazy old space movie playing. I believe the aliens will begin their probing soon! Yarg!) As promised, I wanted to post about the package I received on Friday.

With some of the money I was given for Christmas, I decided to treat myself to more ephemera. As you may have read on a previous post, I've been trolling Ebay and Etsy looking for old journals, diaries and letters. I was fortunate to find an auction of letters belonging to a young man dated from the 1940's - 1960's. What a gold mine! I spend quite a few hours throughout the day sifting through the letters - reading about the adventures of friends (one of which led a very active and flamboyant lifestyle while another reported on his attempts at dating) and the juxtaposition of his grandmother's letters advising him to keep proper acquaintances and to study hard. It was interesting to get perspectives on life during those times through the jobs this man kept and the accompanying salaries, the letters he received as a reservist in the army and the graphic design of the cards and stationery he'd received. It was a wonderful read, as well as visually pleasing - all of it! - and I was sorry when I'd read the final letter in the lot. (Regrettably, I did not bid on the second lot of letters belonging to this man since I had not yet received the first lot and wasn't certain whether or not the letters would even be interesting. Sigh.)

Something to look forward to, however, is a diary that my husband purchased as one of my Christmas gifts which hasn't yet arrived. (Isn't he wonderful?!) It belonged to an Illinois housewife from 1919. I can't wait to read it! I hope there are some juicy bits. ;)

So, I think it's time for bed. J is cheering in the background. Luckily, he was able to salvage all his files and bookmarks including almost 100 scans. Something weird happened to his computer earlier today which caused it to keep shutting down.

Good night, all. Sleep tight. Talk soon. xo

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