Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is me today

Can you tell what I'm working on today? I've started transcribing my interview and felt like it was an audio version of Groundhog Day as it seemed I was going in circles. (I guess my mother was right, I sound like a broken record - a phrase I often heard when I was a child!).

Thank goodness, J's dear friend, B, is in town right now and staying with us. We'll be having dinner with him tonight (just in time for a much needed reprieve!).

He's such a sweetheart. Since he arrived, J has been fighting to get B to allow him to do things for him! We won't see too much of him this weekend since he's attending a program that he's reporting on but he's managed to squeeze in time for dinner (which he insists on treating us to but we won't let him!). He's so thoughtful and generous. There may be an arm-wrestle this evening or a rumble of sorts to settle things. However they decide to duke it out, I'll be sitting back, eating my greasy dumplings, fried plantain and roti while sipping on a nice cold (stiff) beverage as I soak it all in. Ahh...I can't wait!


Helen said...

Hi Ima! Thanks your comment on my blog. I'm more than happy to provide answers to questions you may have about relocating to the UK. Actually, you gave me a great idea for an upcoming post!!

Best wishes,

Ima Ventriloquist said...

Thanks so much, Helen! I'm looking forward to reading your post and will keep my eyes peeled! Take care. :)