Sunday, January 18, 2009

Prank call

Remember that old prank call about the fridge? It went something like this:

{Ring, ring}

"Hi, is your fridge running?"
"Well, you better catch it!"


I wish I could answer the same. (Sigh) After the power outage the other night, something strange happened to our fridge. It's not working properly and is currently at room temperature. We tried unplugging it, in hopes that it would reset itself (also, upon the advisement of others) but nothing. As a result, we've had to throw out tons of food and try to remove the overpowering smell of thawed shrimps and fish that's lingering. (Nasty)

Luckily, it didn't deter our plans for making the best platter of nachos last night. We used blue corn chips and smothered them with black beans, onions, delicious guac, pineapple salsa and - the crowning glory! - creamy soy sour cream! Mmm! They were almost as tasty as the nachos from The V-Spot (in Brooklyn) that we still dream about.

[Now, if I could only replicate the Cafe Caramel from Gorilla Coffee this morning...]

Have a lovely day, friends. Talk soon. xo

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A. Nishidera said...

Ms. Ventriloquist,

Thank you.