Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meme (aka another way to distract myself)

Right now, there's a '25 Random Things About Me' meme that's going around Facebook. I was tagged by several people so I decided to partake in the fun.

[Of course, this has nothing to do with wanting to procrastinate on my assignment but everything to do with self-exploration, being reflective and sharing with others.] ;)

Here's my list of 25 Random Things About Me:

1. I have what might be considered a maniacal fear of raccoons and anything from the rodentia family. The thought of capybaras and chinchillas is torture.

2. I have an acute sense of smell to the point where it seems that I can sense the moment something becomes airborne. While this might be revered in the animal kingdom, it’s a bitch around those with acute flatulence.

3. I took organ lessons for 8 years.

4. I pray every night before bed but hate going to church and do not follow a particular religion.

5. I can do a dead ringer of Marvin the Martian. I thought it was so good that I once entered a radio contest to be the emcee for a WWF wrestling match. My entry was a telephone recording of me doing the Marvin voice while introducing said wrestling match.

6. I love rocks and crystals and believe in their energy.

7. I am a fanatic about the superstition of knocking on wood.

8. The grossest things I’ve ever eaten are pigeon and balut (for those of you who aren’t familiar with balut – it’s basically a hard-boiled egg with a partially developed chick surrounded by embryonic fluid).

9. I’m a pescatarian.

10. I’ve been engaged three times.

11. One of my grandpas died from a gunshot wound sustained at a poker game.

12. I hate planning things or following lists. (Thank goodness my wedding only involved making sure the sun was shining, hopping in a car, picking wildflowers and exchanging vows on a mountainside.)

13. I cleared out a large armoire of my clothes and filled it only with handmade papers which are in nice piles and color coordinated. (I am addicted to paper.)

14. A friend once fell asleep while I was talking to her on the phone. She claimed it was because my voice was so ‘soothing’. (Riiight)

15. I hate math and am not mathematically inclined but received a gold medal in the subject during high school.

16. I almost failed grade 11 because I skipped over 60 classes to hang out with an ex-boyfriend (a B-boy dancer).

17. If I could go back in time, I would have gone into either journalism or graphic design.

18. I am fascinated by ‘little people’ (midgets/dwarves) and trans-gendered individuals.

19. I love mail and postal paraphernalia. One of my prized possessions is a Scandinavian coin purse that looks like a letter.

20. If ever I strike it rich, I’m going to splurge on: Japanese toilets/bathrooms, a customized ventriloquist doll and homes in NYC, Japan and Paris.

21. I love collecting ephemera including vintage magazines, books, diaries, documents and have over 300 old photographs and letters (of each).

22. One of my goals in life is to have a book published.

23. My favorite genre for movies is horror.

24. I adore handwritten letters, beautiful penmanship, old suitcases and fountain pens.

25. My husband and daughter are my two favorite people.

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A. Nishidera said...

I think I've used that bathtub!

This looks exactly like our shower/tub that we had in our hotel room in Paris. It was only half as long as a standard bathtub and when you stepped out of the tub you were standing in your room!