Monday, August 27, 2007


I have fallen completely in love with Norway, to the point of being obsessed with the country!

Oslo was a fantastic orientation to the country and filled with so much beauty. Vigeland Park was one of the absolute highlights and I have a separate entry for it. One of my favorite areas, Karl Johan's Gate, is a pedestrian precinct of shops and restaurants. It was alive with activity and a great place to people watch all the different characters that Oslo attracted.

Oslo had many beautiful shops which were bursting with color and fraught with amazing designs. The Bookbinders' Design shop was my favorite, not only because of the lovely journals, precious papers and creative card samples but also because of its gorgeous layout. I've included a few shops for your viewing pleasure...

Gorgeous cemetary where Edvard Munch is buried. It was huge and filled with amazing statues and headstones dating back to the 1800's.

Wonderfully cheesy Norwegian advertising. (Sweet)

The building we stayed at.

I love this sentiment... It was written on the wall behind the cashier at Bookbinders' Design and also printed on all of the bags given with each purchase.
Best stand ever!
Loved this busker and his marionettes! (I think I have a crush on the Adrian Brody marionette! Is that strange? Heh heh)
Is it me or does he not look like Robin Williams?
Waiting for Harry Potter to be released!
Hello Gorgeous!

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