Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It never rains in California...

J attended a three day workshop in California on acting for directors in L.A. I tagged along and we decided to call it our 'working honeymoon'. During the day, he would attend his workshop while I explored different parts of the city. I spent the most time in Santa Monica which was great fun. We managed to squeeze in dinners and time with family and friends. My only regret was not actually meeting a fellow blogger that I had originally planned to. (Boo!) Fortunately, I know we'll return so hopefully, I can finally meet this special person...
The Walt Disney Concert Hall is an amazing work of art. It was designed by Frank Gehry and is absolutely stunning. I took a 45 min. self-guided tour and the inside is as impressive as the exterior. The detail that I found most impressive was the lettering used on the walls of the hall. The color and font were chosen to perfectly blend not just with the felt walls but into the felt walls, thus, creating a sense of continuity throughout. All of the lines in the building are continous and flowing and just divine. One of the main concert areas of the hall has been covered with a dark wood so as to mimick its affinity to the instrument that is being played within. It's all so beautiful and harmonious, isn't it?

I spent the afternoon in Little Tokyo where they were having the LA Tofu Festival. The festival, itself, was great... Lots of delicious tofu treats and kiosks of nice things to buy. I picked up a shirt designed by Spicy Brown which I love. Her designs are so adorable and very Japanese. My shirt has little octopus ball guys. So cute! I also wandered around Little Tokyo through their maze of restaurants and stores. At the end of the festival, the Nisei Association held a parade.

Reform School rocks. It's an awesome little shop in Silver Lake that has all kinds of goodies including original prints, handmade/letterpressed cards, journals and wallets that were so hard to resist. Yum!
Giant Robot is one of my favorite magazines. I often daydreamed of one day going to see their amazing shop... and I did! In fact, it was quite close to where we were staying! Yippee! I bought some zines and stickers created by Pearl Esther Watson. I love her illustrations so much! The setting is in the 80's and is based on a journal that she found at a truck stop. Love it! At the back of the store is a little art gallery where I found the art of Camilla Engman!

J's awesome galpal, R, took us to the coolest place called the Cha Cha Lounge in Silver Lake. We had such a great time taking pictures and chatting and soaking up the atmosphere. They even had a selection of free postcards with really great designs that I helped myself to! :)

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