Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back in da 'Peg

We visited my hometown of Winnipeg to attend the wedding of one of J's best friends. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding and the bride was just stunning. They had a DJ playing but they also had a traditional Ukranian band so the night catered to all of the guests (just not at the same time). At around 11 pm, they had a room filled with all kinds of dainties and sweets for the guests including a chocolate fountain. (Mmmm! My favorite!) To wash it all down, a martini from the martini bar set up next to the regular bar. The speeches were great and very entertaining (the groom is hilarious). The best part of it all was the great people we got to hang out with. It was so much fun. J was loving it all as most of his best friends were gathered together quoting SCTV and God knows what.

We had our own celebrating to do and were thrown a lovely brunch by my parents at a very nice restaurant. Only my immediate family, cousins and a few very close friends joined us. It was very intimate and special but also such an incredibly thoughtful gesture by my parents. (Thanks, Ma and Dad!)

My parents just love J and have welcomed him into our family with open arms. On the way home from the brunch, J commented on how he really loves my family and being part of it. I feel the same way about his and we both feel so incredibly blessed that things have turned out they way that they have. J's family has been nothing but kind and open when it comes to me and my little person. I never thought life could be this wonderful... J is so incredibly good to us and treats me with such respect and love. Above all, we're best friends who enjoy laughing together and sharing our hopes and dreams and just being together. He reminds me of what is important in life such as family, friends and love but most of all, he is a wonderful co-parent and partner.

We are all so happy, including the little person. She's excited to have her new aunties and a new family to be a part of. She even jokes around about adding J's name to her already hyphenated name.

Hello Cuties!
We drove out to Delta Beach where J's producer lives. Delta Marsh is just steps away and located at the Southern tip of Lake Manitoba. We had a nice visit and walked along the marsh catching frogs!

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