Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tea for two and two for tea

“[T]he tea-party, an extraordinary meal in that, being offered to persons that have already dined well, it supposes neither appetite nor thirst, and has no object but distraction, no basis but delicate enjoyment.” —Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, The Physiology of Taste, 1825

Yesterday, H & I had a lovely little tea party complete with faux petit-fours, mini tea cups & saucers, champagne glass filled with ripe cherries, homemade banana muffins topped with toasted coconut, cookies and two types of tea (caramel rooibos which we received from Switzerland yesterday and peppermint). I lit candles and we had a really lovely time. My guest even arrived with a fancy outfit on - a pink leotard and a string of purple beads! (Just to clarify, 'H' refers to my little person and not my husband. Heh!) Before we began the party, we each put on a pair of gloves. Mine were long and black while H's were a sunny yellow.

[H really got into the spirit of things and talked with a British accent. Isn't she fun?!]

We love to have these wacky little parties every so often. This time, I even went so far as to make a fancy little invitation to invite my guest. I like to think that these precious moments will be remembered fondly when H grows up. (Either that or she'll remember what kind of a nut her Mom was/is!)

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