Friday, June 20, 2008

Revisiting my former self

When I was younger, I used to write poem after poem, at the drop of the hat. It seemed that I had lots of material to draw from - of course, doesn't everyone during those ego-centric, angst-filled years? Most of my poems were fueled by puppy love or grief experienced through parental control. Sometimes, I would even whip up poems for friends to give to others. This was the case for a former friend who would send them to his girlfriend who was living overseas. People were often amazed that I could write them in such a short amount of time because (they claimed) what was written was so heartfelt and sweet that it didn't seem possible.

I continued to write poetry after I graduated from high school but somehow, along the way, I abandoned it. I had developed this mentality that 'real' poems didn't rhyme (and by 'real', I meant the kind of work that accomplished poets or writers would pen). I felt like I was too old to be pumping out these sugary sonnets and anyways, real poems aren't supposed to have such a predictable rhythym or be so sing-songy, right?

Anyway, fast forward years later...I'm sitting at work feigning busyness (sp?) by writing an entry to be pasted into my journal later on today when I'm overcome by the urge to write a poem. Let me tell you, it was a wonderful feeling to write something so meaningful and personal. And yes, it did rhyme but I felt that the message and words were still beautiful and perfect for what I was trying to say.

I forwarded a copy to J since the poem was meant for both he and I. He's my sounding board so I always know that I'll get an honest reaction from him. He loved it and sent me the sweetest message in response.

[I apologize for not posting it here but it's rather personal]

All this to say, it felt great to revisit my former self - the days when I would write recklessly and full of such emotion. I've just been bursting with ideas and feverishly writing them down.

[I'm back, Baby]

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Didn't even know you had a blog until I checked out your profile on blogTO! Nice photos...looking forward to seeing what you snap in Japan! Have fun...