Friday, June 6, 2008

Gotta love Facebook

My grade 5 teacher just contacted me via Facebook! For a split second, I thought it was strange (creepy) but quickly remembered how fond I was of him. Mr. M was such a nice teacher and always wore a short-sleeved shirt with an overhead pen in his pocket.

I was just transported back to my younger self - the feathered hair gal, pre-braces, sporting a turquoise Fame jumpsuit in fleece. I wish I could go back in time and meet my younger self. She was so cute and funny. She was also very creative and always carried around a pad of paper and too many pens. She loved her friends and writing stories and talking on the phone. I would give her a great big hug but what would I say to her?

I would probably tell her that she was going to be alright, that she would have a really beautiful & amazing daughter and that she would fall in love with a wonderful, wonderful man someday. I would tell her to travel and see the world. I would also tell her to always keep writing and being creative and to not listen to her parents but follow her heart & passion when choosing her career. I would tell her to always have kindness in her heart, to be patient and trust herself. I would also tell her to love herself and be happy because she deserves it.

[Of course, there would be much (much!) more but ultimately, I wouldn't try to scare her to death because meeting me would probably be a shocker that would traumatize her for life to begin with. However, I would totally tell her to save some of those Tiger Beat and BOP magazines she was buying. It's a bitch to find those issues these days! I would warn her that the spiral Toni perm that she begged her mom for would take three whole years to grow out and to really think about it. I would also tell her that the ensemble she would love sooo much in junior high - wayfarer sunglasses, tight jeans, white top with black collar and the black jacket that snapped up on the side (à la Thriller fame) - was sooo not cool.]

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