Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cancer Connections

Photosensitive has partnered up with the Canadian Cancer Society to present Cancer Connections - a traveling photo exhibit of black and white photography depicting how cancer affects the lives of so many Canadians. The national launch took place at Nathan Philips Square on May 20th, 2008, with almost 300 images. From there, it will be traveling around the country, growing as it goes. The grande finale exhibition will be in Ottawa in 2010 and will have 1000 images.

I'm so very proud of my cousin, AA, who has a photo in the exhibit. He's such a talented photographer, as well as a kind-hearted soul. His mother passed away from cervical cancer (at the age of 60). My uncle and grandma also passed away from cancer so this photo exhibit really means a lot to me.

If you are in the Toronto area, the exhibit will be here until June 9th. For more information about the exhibit, please visit

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