Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mike Lowery

As you know, I am a big fan of the Sketchbook Series by the website, Book By Its Cover. It's like peeking into someone's diary. (Love it!) Recently, Mike Lowery was featured on 5.9.08. Here is the little blurb they had about him:

Mike Lowery’s goal is to draw or write something in his journal every single day. If he misses a day, he said he has to do at least two pages. He’s been filling moleskins for the past three years with his adorable characters, fun drawings and little comics as you can see from the images below. Mike recently joined the Lilla Rogers team- an agency known for it’s eclectic talented illustrators (We at Also are actually working on a revamp of their site right now). Mike is also a graphic design and illustration teacher at an art college in DC. He lives just outside the city with his wife Rachel and his “ridiculously awesome daughter, Allister”. Check out Mike’s site to see more of his work- he posts entries from his journal almost every day. And be sure to catch his weekly comic in the dcist Thanks Mike!

I love his pictures. They're so much fun and brighten my day! (I have an affinity for keyboards, having been forced to take organ lessons for 8 years as a child, so his cute little drawings make me smile.) Here are some that were featured on the site. Hope they brighten your day, too!

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