Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The final countdown

We leave for Japan next week!!! (Whheeeeehoooo!) I cannot believe it's almost here! It seems like only yesterday that we were deliberating on whether to go!

J has planned yet, another, spectacular vacation for us. We'll be staying mainly in Osaka, deep in a Japanese suburb in a traditional Japanese house (complete with tatami mats!). It belongs to an aromatherapist who lives next door. We'll be venturing out to Nara - the home of various World Heritage sites such as Todaiji Temple, Horyuji Temple, and others including numerous Buddhist art and architecture classified as National Treasures and Important Cultural Asset. Nara is also known for their lovely ambassadors - the deer that roam free. We're also going to Kyoto to stay in a beautiful resort and Nagoya which is famous for the magestic Nagoya Castle crowned with two golden carp and built in 1612 (though, part of it was restored in 1959 after the fires of WWII). Of course, there will be places along the way that we'll discover...

J used to live there years ago (before we met) when he used to teach English. He still has many friends there and even organized to have some of the children he taught to write to H! He's excited to show us his old stomping grounds and for us to experience the culture, the hospitality and the craziness that is known as Japan!

I'm sooo excited!!! I'll bet I won't sleep a wink the night before!


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