Monday, November 10, 2008

What's Your Story? Who You Are

After spending a lovely day with my family, I decided to head downtown to search for fresh and new profiles for What's Your Story? It was there that I spotted David and followed him a few feet before approaching him. Every so often I get a bit nervous about approaching people because I don't want them to feel uncomfortable or like I'm trying to exploit them somehow. In any case, once I do break the ice and get the go-ahead from the person, I'm overcome with a bit of rush. There's something really thrilling and gratifying about meeting new people and poking into their lives, however brief.

My interview with David was 'short and sweet' (pardon the pun) but quite interesting. He was a really kind soul and a pleasure to meet. He shared a few secrets about himself which I was asked to keep to myself. I think this is part of what makes the whole process of interviewing people so fulfilling to me - the ability to get someone to open up and share parts of their life with you. I'm gratfeul for these moments and the opportunity to get to know people on this intimate level.

To read David's interview, please visit the latest post on What's Your Story?

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