Monday, November 17, 2008

Don't judge a book by its...

One of the things that I'm really grateful for in having my regular feature on blogTO is the opportunity to approach people that I would have never met otherwise. How many times have you been people-watching and were just dying to know what a person's story was or wondered what they were all about? What's Your Story has given me the chance (and the confidence) to approach complete strangers and learn about them - what they do, where they're 'from', their likes and dislikes and sometimes, intimate little secrets. I love hearing their stories and it definitely confirms the old adage - don't judge a book by its cover. Everyone has a story.

My latest interview is with Adrienne - a lovely young woman who broke her back four years ago. I saw her at the Yonge & Bloor subway station and wanted to know her story...that is, if she was willing to share it with me. She enthusiastically agreed and we settled into a lively conversation about nightclubs, Wheel-Trans, being bitch-slapped and her scholastic endeavors. She also shared her story with me and a crazy secret - both of which I was grateful to be privy to. Adrienne's energy was infectious and her zest for life was inspiring. She was so much fun to talk to!

To read her interview, please visit the latest post at What's Your Story?

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