Monday, November 17, 2008

Envelope Book

Tonight, I made a really lovely envelope book for a swap I joined recently. I used three different colors for the envelopes (there were 25 in total) and throughout, I added handmade papers in similar tones. I then wrapped the book in a larger sheet of handmade paper for the cover and fastened it with a pretty green and olive lace ribbon. As an added touch, I affixed smaller envelopes onto the larger ones. (If you can visualize it, the bottoms of the envelopes are flush with the spine.) I thought of decorating it further with bits of ephemera such as black and white photographs and book pages or advertising but I wanted my partner to be able to add her own touch to the book if she wanted. Anyway, I hope she likes it. Maybe, I'll make a smaller one with fewer envelopes and more paper.

I also made a mini-folder to hold a little stack of photographs that I was planning to carry in my purse (the other day). I used a beautiful piece of handmade paper in ivory which had a sheen to it and which was highly textured. I then placed a smaller piece of colorful Chiyogami paper to brighten it up a little.

I love making things and being creative. It makes me happy. :)

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