Sunday, November 23, 2008


I just found the coolest application on the web called Poladroid. It's a free download which enables you to take existing images and turn them into high res Polaroids! It's so easy!

First, you download Poladroid which produces a little Polaroid camera icon on your desktop. Then, you simply drag your image onto it and out pops a little white Polaroid. You wait for it to develop like a real Polaroid picture! (I think you can speed up the process by shaking it.) Once it's done developing, a 'ding' will sound. If you double click on your Polaroid image, it will ask if you want to save it. If you do, it will automatically save it to your Pictures folder. It's only available for Macs (sorry, PC people!) and it's so much fun!

The image that results has such interesting colors! I can't wait to show the little person. I know she's going to love it, too!

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