Monday, November 3, 2008

Gilbert & George

P.S. For those of you that were curious about the photo titled, Our Spunk, in my selection of photos from NYC, it was part of an amazing exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum on artists Gilbert & George. I loved it! Gilbert & George are this totally poncey and hilarious duo who created art together such as postcard sculptures, interesting documents, vibrant (and dare I say, titillating) multimedia prints and even, films. I loved the bits of ephemera adorned with their handlettering and typing. Their oversized prints were a feast for the eyes (and then some). I now regret not purchasing the package of postcards of their prints (try saying THAT five times in a row). Ah well. I managed to take a few pictures while I was in the museum and if nothing else, I have some wonderful memories of Gilbert & George's work.

For your listening enjoyment - Gilbert & George's favorite dancing song (I would've also said for your 'viewing pleasure' but unfortunately, it's awfully blurry which is a crying shame but you can still some some pretttty fine moves):

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