Monday, November 17, 2008

He ain't heavy, he's my...

Within the last few days, I watched two very intense films - Running With Scissors and Rachel Getting Married.

I'm not here to review either one of them (I'll leave that to the experts, right my Love?) but suffice it to say that both of them are worth watching. I especially loved Running With Scissors. What a bizarre and wonderful movie. The actors were just superb in it, especially Annette Benning. I can't believe it's based on Augusten Burroughs' real life...fascinating.

As for Rachel Getting Married - it was quite an intense movie with lots of crying, screaming and hugging. I'm normally not fond of Anne Hathaway but she was so amazing in this that I've changed my mind about her. She was so good at playing the recovering-drug-addicted-sister. I haven't teared up (okay, a few actually fell from my eyes) like that for quite some time over a movie. Having said that, I did get annoyed by the father - I wasn't sure if it was the actor who was hamming it up or if the character was supposed to be like that - and also the sister - her performance seemed too contrived, at times, and I just didn't think certain parts were believable (in the sense that I didn't really connect with the character). Speaking of making sense, I hope I haven't lost you.

Anyway, just had to share my thoughts with you on those two flicks.

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