Saturday, November 22, 2008

Washi Art Sale

Photo: "Rolls of Washi" by Alex Watson

Today, H & I went down to the Japanese Paper Place on Brock Avenue to check out the 'Amazing, Dazzling, Unforgettable Washi Sale'. Talented artists were showcasing their works of art on washi. There were coin purses made from konnyaku paper, original prints, various ornaments, handmade books and of course, gorgeous papers that the Japanese Paper Place are famous for. During our visit, there was a musical interlude performed by a couple from Spain with tambourine and mandolin in tow. The sale was smaller than I expected but it was nice to see how people use washi in their art.

[I think the best entertainment of all was provided by the cast of characters H & I saw roaming the streets where we were!]

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