Saturday, November 15, 2008

AGO grand opening

This weekend is the official grand opening of Frank Ghery's re-imagined AGO including free admission for all visitors. After a lovely dinner and a thwarted attempt at seeing Rachel Getting Married (it was sold out), Miss P and I decided to see how the space had been transformed. It was pouring out as we waited in line (sans parapluie) but it was all part of the excitement and well worth the wait.

The transformation is quite amazing from the sculptural staircase to the 110 galleries, the lovely exhibits to the expansive rooms and maze of corridors. Wood is used throughout the space - adding warmth and richness to it. There is also a beautiful view of downtown from one of the staircases in the tinted titanium and glass four-storey wing.

The first level features a section devoted to works on paper and included an exhibit of WWII photo albums. There are also amazing black and white photographs exhibited including a prison series (I know, how vague of me) and a haunting photograph entitled, Dead Child.

I was pleasantly surprised (and titillated, to say the least) to see my boys, Gilbert & George, represented in one of the galleries. Holy Hope was displayed on one of the walls.

Regrettably, I did not not have my cherished and trusty companion with me (yes, my precious DSLR who is currently traveling in HK with J... sigh).

Photos courtesy of Sam Javanrouh

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