Thursday, January 28, 2010

'Til we meet again...

While I was on vacation, I ate meat and consumed dairy (and lots of it). It was damn good and I couldn't get enough of it. I blame it on Paris and its beautiful, tantalizing pastries that called out to me behind the glass counters, the plates of charcuterie on restaurant menus that boasted of handcrafted meats in various forms and the cheese...OH, the cheese! I couldn't escape it and for goodness sakes - why on earth would I? It would be like depriving one's self of a true taste of Paris (literally). I was in heaven.

When the vacation ended and I returned home, I decided to stop eating meat again (the haunting images came back in full force) but I thought I could re-introduce dairy into my life again since it seemed like my body had outgrown lactose intolerance (and honestly, I couldn't imagine going back to just Sheeze and soy cheddar). The thought of eating chevre with olives and a fresh baguette on a regular basis made me smile. And the prospect of exploring different and exotic new cheeses was exciting. Oh, the joy it would bring! I even obsessed about making homemade chevre and looked at videos and blogs telling me how. I imagined spreading the word of cheese to others and introducing the idea of cheesemaking to those who would listen.

Sadly, I was brought back to reality with the stabbing pains of lactose intolerance last night after eating a dairy-based dish. I tried again this evening - thinking (and hoping) that chevre would be a kinder and gentler friend...but not so. I don't know why my stomach didn't bother me on my travels. It's a mystery but I'm happy that I was able to indulge while I was there.

So, it's back to no meat or dairy for me. (Sheeze...sigh)

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