Sunday, January 24, 2010

Canterbury Tales

I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures from my trip and thought I would start with Canterbury. This is where our home-base was while we were traveling and as I mentioned in a previous post, where we were so fortunate to stay with our friends D+L. They were so kind and accommodating to us - they gave us a comfy place to hang our hats, fed us delicious food, introduced us to Yorkshire Tea, took us to the most interesting places and they were just so much fun to be around. (On our first night, they even gave us thoughtful little presents!) I hope that we're able to repay them some day as they really did make our trip extra extra-special.

Thanks so much for everything D+L+K+B!

As for Canterbury itself, it's a charming town in the district of Kent in South East England. It's rich in history dating back to prehistoric times when it was first inhabited. The city lies on Great Stour River and is filled with many beautiful medieval structures and buildings (pictured below) and lovely storefronts like the Hospice Shop (one of my favorites). There were also places with funny names like the Bishop's Finger which always caused a few groans each time we passed it.

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