Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tea Tasting

Yesterday I attended a tea tasting at Tao Tea Leaf hosted by the owner and Tea Master, Tao. It was such a comprehensive workshop as Tao delved into the many facets of green and white tea including their history, health benefits, location of crops in China, methods of harvesting and processing, how the teas are graded and about the tea culture in China. Throughout the afternoon, Tao shared pictures and stories relating to the teas, as well as introduced ways of steeping tea and the traditional equipment used. In addition to this, we tried some very special varieties of each including Tao's fresh and high grade teas sold at the tea house. I also saw my first tea cake (Pu Er variety) from Tao's own private collection and found out about this intriguing type of tea.

I learned so much from Tao - his passion and knowledge made it a very interesting session. I'm looking forward to his next tea tasting!

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SnapandPrint said...

I would love to attend soemthing like this...but alas...Spokane has no such place.