Monday, February 16, 2009

You know it's a good time when...

It's been such a great weekend starting with a pre-Valentine's celebration on Thursday evening for J & I while H went to a slumber party. We ordered take-out from Fresh and watched two movies (Midnight Meat Train and Roman Polanski: Wanted & Desired).

On Friday night, we went to a fun party across the street. Then, of course, Valentine's Day with the family which began with strawberry pancakes à la J and included exchanging gifts and watching Hotel For Dogs with H. Both of my sweethearts gave such thoughtful presents - stationery from J and some really sweet handmade items from H (a cute iPod cozy made out of felt and an abstract plushie sewn from an old wool sweater).

Last night, B & J came over for dinner and a bad movie. As always, it was a wonderful evening and conversation flowed, as well as drinks. B was whipping up Crooked Monkeys but I stuck to my soy chai misto, in hopes of staying up until the wee hours. As with one of our previous Saturday night get-togethers, our evening ended with a sharing of favorite videos.

I will leave you with last night's crowd pleaser.

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