Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pensive in the potty

As I was drying my hands in one of the third floor bathrooms at school, I found myself getting a bit wistful as I yearned for the powerful dryers that I had developed an affection for while I was vacationing in Japan. Some of you may have already heard me sing the praises of Japanese toilets (my favorite was the Toto Washlet I encountered at the XIV resort in Kyoto). The hand dryers were certainly no exception - in design, function or sophistication. And the power - my hands seemed to dry instantly! I loved how hands were inserted into the dryer (please see picture above) and not just placed underneath a nozzle. It was pure perfection!

Yes, the Japanese are truly masters when it comes to bathroom appliances and fixtures...and many other things, of course. Stationery. Writing instruments. The wonderful and interesting packaging of every day things. The gold foil seals with ribbons that added just that extra touch to store bought purchases. The cute wrapping papers and bags provided for each and every purchase. The free packages of tissue with bizarre advertisements on them. The food. (OH, the food!) The adorable compact cars that whizzed by on the streets. The onsens with their waterfalls, electric currents, the free hair and skincare products provided, and the gorgeous, steaming pools. Consumerism and traditions. The customer service, hospitality and kindness that are like nothing I've ever experienced before. The efficiency of public transportation and the cleanliness of the cities. And that's just the beginning!

[Speaking of cute (or more appropriately 'kawaii'), I received the most amazing package of bento boxes and supplies from a dear friend who was just in Japan over the holidays! The postage stamps adorning the carton were also very sweet! I'm so excited to add them to my collection! (A million thank yous, R!!!♥) I hope to be able to share a few of the ones I had purchased during my travels in my Etsy shop next month, plus some nice little supplies! I'll keep you posted!]


SnapandPrint said...

I am still looking for the perfect bento box! One without Hello Kitty on it.

BTW..letter is winging it's way to you in the mail. :)

Ima Ventriloquist said...

I can't wait to receive it! I actually just popped a letter in the mail to you, too!

As for the bento box - maybe we can set up a little exchange? Let's chat soon. :)