Friday, February 27, 2009

New blog feature

I've decided to add a regular feature to my blog called Beefs (or variations of the word beef) as in, 'beefs and bouquets'. I may be dating myself here but when I was young(er), one of the local radio stations would host a program called Beefs & Bouquets, where people could call in and bitch or sing praises about whatever was on their mind. It was great - people could vent about things or give accolades to the absolute mundane. There were no rules (well, except for profanity which somehow always managed to sneak onto the airwaves before the radio host disconnected the call) and it was just a little dose of reality (without all of the blood and guts of the daily news) that didn't ruin one's day.

In the same vein, I hope this doesn't put a negative slant on my little blog. In trying to stay authentic (which, admittedly, I struggle with during the program I'm studying since we have to follow all of these frameworks and checklists), I'd like what I write to reflect who I am (without actually ever revealing my true identity, of course!) including the not so flowery and cheery side of me (which I'm sure I've shown time and again!). Anyway, that's my plan.

{Beef of the day} I hate the word diva, or rather, I hate how this word has morphed into such a ridiculous and tasteless label. I get annoyed when people use it in a playful way particularly, when women use it in the title of the groups they belong to (middle-aged women seem to enjoy doing this). Images of fuzzy pink hats with feathers and accented with leopard print thrown in come to mind. I also see wine glasses filled with red wine and people living in the suburbs. I'm not even sure why the word connotes this image but it just does. I also hate it when I see the word adorning t-shirts for children. UGH. Please stop.

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