Monday, February 9, 2009

Giddy up

Hello friends. Still alive...just laying low and enjoying life.

On Friday, J, H + I met up with some awesome friends and little people for the opening day of Coraline. What an amazing movie and fun company! We always have such a wonderful time when we meet up with these friends. They're hilarious and fun so we're always guaranteed a great time when we hang out with them. Next month, we'll be seeing the legendary Big Daddy Kane with them which I'm sure will be a blast! (Now, I'd better start watching some of those videos to learn the lyrics and get my moves right. Teehee.)

On Saturday, some new friends came over and we had a crazy-good time chatting, having some drinks and enjoying each other's company. The highlight of the night, however, was when one of the guests admitted to watching country music videos in the mid-nineties (which was, coincidentally, when I went through my country music and country bar phase!) and then, proceeded to share some of the more memorable videos from that era. It makes me laugh just thinking about it and all of the madness that ensued! I can't wait to see them again and see what kind of insanity will come of it!

Then, Sunday, I took the medium-sized person to The Soft City which was being displayed at the Rotunda in City Hall. The Soft City is a plush replica of Toronto, complete with streets, buildings, the CN Tower and other notable structures. People can contribute to it by creating their own little structures. Miss H made a couple of pieces including a nice building to leave behind and I? Well, of course, in wanting to spread more mail love - I created a tiny post office, a mailbox stuffed with letters and a couple of little packages tied with string. We also watched some NFB animated shorts that were playing at the Rotunda. From there, we checked out WinterCity events happening at Nathan Philips Square such as live performances on the main stage and more crafting. We cozied up at one of the several outdoor heaters to enjoy some greasy chips from the fry truck, too, and to watch the rink full of skaters doing their thang.

Now, it's back to school and time to get serious. (Heh!) It's been anything but! I've been enjoying this new class - not for its subject matter (FAR from it!) but because of some of the wonderful people that are in my class. We've been having such a great time laughing and keeping each other amused.

So, those are some of the nice things that have been happening, as of late. Oh yeah, I had another birthday somewhere in there, too. (Bleh!) It was actually a really lovely day and when I came home, I was greeted by my two favorite people wearing funny hats who had set up a trail of candles leading me to my birthday presents - a postal scale and some other goodies! (Aren't they the sweetest?!) I also received some really warm wishes and thoughtful surprises from friends and family (thanks Mom & Dad, Madame C and J+A!). ♥


"these friends" said...

You're always a pleasure to be in the company of. J, well...


brwlevitt said...

Country bar phase? That's hard to picture...: )