Friday, February 13, 2009

Lovely suitcases

Oh, my...look at all those lovely suitcases! I wonder what treasures can be found in them!

Last month, I organized the bulk of my ephemera into my own little set of old suitcases. The oval Skyway overnight case now holds my collection of black and white photographs (over 300 pieces!), another holds most of my vintage letters (also, over 300 pieces!) and a brown leather suitcase (that my vintage Swedish typewriter came in) now holds several pieces of my miscellaneous papers (from advertising and calling cards to ticket stubs and other paper goodness). A beautiful antique sideboard by the front door holds my modest collection of old diaries, journals and autograph books.

Just to clarify...when I refer to ephemera, I mean pieces that date from the 1800's to the earlier part of the 1960's. (Some people try to include the 1970's to the 1990's when they refer to ephemera which just doesn't seem right to me.)

I haven't accounted for my vintage magazines, books, blank papers, photo albums and packages (some of which I've received as gifts but are too delicate to remove from their plastic sleeves). They are squirreled away - safe and sound - amongst my other treasures.

Today, I think I'll begin sifting through my collection to see what I'd like to share in my Etsy store which I hope to have up by next month. I've been thinking of putting up a store for ages now and next month seems like a good time to do so.

Hope you have a wonderful day. xo

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