Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Our new toy

I can't believe J & I are still up. If we didn't need sleep to survive, we could probably spend all of our waking hours tinkering on our computers (and of course, taking care of the little person).

J got a new scanner for Christmas which just arrived this afternoon. It's quite fancy in that it can scan negatives and slides to produce high res jpeg files.

While we were in Kingston on the weekend, J fished out hundreds (and hundreds) of negatives that he had saved over the years of photos he had taken. In addition to this, he had a lifetime of negatives that belonged to his grandfather which he began scanning earlier today. As a precursor to the gift, I bought him a stack of color slides of different people (strangers) from the 50's & 60's online. We also told my parents to dig out any negatives they had which I know for a fact includes the entire collection of our family photos.

I can't wait to do my own scanning...of ephemera (vintage photographs, handwritten letters, magazine ads and other little treasures). And I'm sure the little person will also have her things to scan, too.

For now, I leave you with this picture from J's family treasures. Hope you're all tucked in and sound asleep. Sweet dreams. xo

[Please note: This is not one of the high res scans I spoke of. The program I use to round photo corners is incapable of using large files.]

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