Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Packages

Yesterday, we came home to a number of wonderful Christmas packages in all shapes and sizes. My favorite was a box that contained items decorated in Asian newsprint and jute string. The contents - an awesome book and a tin of the same hot chocolate we had in NYC! (How thoughtful was that?!) To top it all off, a really sweet card made by Kate Sutton with some lovely penmanship to adorn it. There were other goodies that arrived that will have to remain a secret until tomorrow. ;)

We're off to pick up my sister and parents from the airport. They're spending the next five days with us to celebrate the holidays. Apparently, my Mom is bringing a turkey with her (along with some meatless cabbage rolls, perogies and Pyrizhky!). the meatless cabbage rolls and Pyrizhky!

[Can you believe it's Christmas Eve?!]

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