Monday, May 12, 2008

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting on a log in the middle of a forest when I asked J, "How did we get here?"

Our life has been taking us on some very interesting paths ever since we met and this weekend was no exception. Deep in the middle of nowhere, in the back roads of Ontario, we found ourselves breaking bread with some amazing people. We were invited to the summer home of a really lovely couple through yet another very wonderful couple. The grounds were spectacular - a work in progress - that included the beginning of an orchard, an expansive garden and a nice private body of water to swim in (and throw balls into for their furry companion). The summer home was a beautiful and cozy log cabin with a wood-burning stove and the perfect space for entertaining. Just a few feet away stood a two-storey sister cabin with a bedroom on the top floor and a sauna & shower on the main floor. Dare I say, it was a little slice of heaven...

We ate until we were practically unconscious (though, the free-flowing wine may have also been the culprit here!) and we talked until dark. It was such a good time. The little person also enjoyed it very much, especially in the presence of the four-legged lady of the house. The two were instant friends. I felt as though we were at a retreat. However, at one point, we had to check if there was a lock on the sauna door as we suddenly felt like an animal might after being fattened and overfed.

The hosts were such a special pair - down-to-earth and welcoming. We felt very privileged and grateful to spend time with them and see their beautiful space. The outside world seemed to disappear as we witnessed them work in their garden and explain their plans for the grounds. It felt as though we were back in time where people tended to their land and left their homes open. It was a great feeling.

Here is a peek at our lovely weekend...

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