Friday, May 30, 2008

Cake Love

I stumbled upon this website by virtue of googling for inspirational stories about people leaving their present jobs in search of something more:

Warren Brown's story, in a nutshell, is about a man who chose to quit his law profession so that he could bake cakes.

And how did he find his passion, you ask? Warren tells about his journey on his website. Here is an excerpt:

How did I find my Passion?

How many ways can one find their passion? There are probably as many answers as there are ways to describe the flavors of your favorite food. I love orange foods. Butternut squash, carrots, yams, and oranges. I like their hearty nourishment, electric color, resilient texture, and piquant zest. Orange foods take the cake - to me. But it's probably different for you. And that's what finding a passion is all about: You.

Do you want to fast forward to the answer? Try not to. The best parts of life are in the roads traveled to get to your destination. That's where you struggle and that's where you laugh. Be in the moment and enjoy it. Taste life. Taste what interests you. Listen to yourself and the world around you. It's a slow and tedious process where being patient helps a lot. Take your time to be sure of what you want. Then work like hell to get it.

His story gained quite a bit of press from the likes of The Washington Post, CNN, Oprah, Fox 5 Morning News and even lead to his own show on the Food Network called (wait for it), Sugar Rush. He's gone on to open two businesses - CakeLove (in five U.S. cities) and the Love Cafe, CakeLove's sister store.

It's a great story and one full of inspiration, not to mention, really sweet. (Okay, I couldn't resist!)

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