Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lovely holiday season

My parents and sister flew in from Winnipeg on the 24th and we drove down to Kingston to celebrate with J's family (minus two key people). It was a really lovely time with lots of food, conversation and very little drama (except for the dreaded sliver incident...heh heh).

I feel really lucky to have such warm and welcoming in-laws. They made our stay very special and we had a really wonderful time with them! One of the highlights was seeing J's niece and all of the new things she had learned recently. (So sweet! ♥)

I'm also really grateful that my parents and sister took the time to fly down to be with us over the holidays. We really appreciate it, especially H. They always do so much for us in the little time that they're here. Thank you!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a happy celebration! Talk soon. xo

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