Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello friends!

Hello out there in blogland! Just wanted to write a quick note to say "hello". It seems like I haven't written anything in ages. We have a guest staying with us until Monday so we'll be busy doing the tourist thing this weekend. (We've already initiated her into one of our Friday night favorites - dinner at Korean Grill House and dessert from Sweet Tooth on the Danforth!)

I've been having a wonderful summer and eating lots of good food. I also celebrated a wedding anniversary (or as J calls it, "a family anniversary") a few days ago which I'd like to dedicate a whole post to. J orchestrated the most special and elaborate surprise ever! It involved a little scavenger hunt around the city and ended with a really special dinner. (Love. ♥)

(I have lots of pictures to share!)

Hope you're having a lovely summer and treating yourself well. Talk soon and take care. xo

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