Saturday, July 10, 2010

Breezy afternoon walk

The weather is really lovely today - a bit breezy and not as muggy as it's been this past week. It was the perfect day for an afternoon walk.

I've been craving some Cinnamon Heart tea from David's, so we dropped by the shop. I'm sure I've raved about David's Tea in previous posts but it really is one of my favorite places to visit. Their selection of teas is amazing and their customer service rivals that of Japanese merchants. I especially love that they offer you a shot of tea upon entering and that every customer is acknowledged and greeted when they visit the store.

We decided to try an iced latte while we were there. J had a Fruity & Green latte which was a rooibos blend with mango and papaya while I had a white tea blend called Malibu Beach which was infused with coconut and absolutely delicious. Once the tea was steeped, ice was added to it then topped with frothy warm soy milk (much tastier than it sounds) and sweetened with agave. Mmmm.

We thought it would be a nice treat to drop by Max's Market and each pick out some goodies for dinner and dessert. There was so much to choose from! These are some of the items that made it to our basket: three different salads (I chose seaweed, J choose rice salad and H choose tuna), a bean enchilada for H, three different kinds of barbequed squash with a brown sugar glaze, a mushroom and risotto patty for J and a beef bourguignon tarte for me. For dessert, H chose a really rich piece of chocolate cheesecake, I chose a lemon tart and J chose a bag of plump and juicy Washington cherries which he purchased at another market. When we got home, we set up an impromptu picnic on our living room floor and I prepared a container of sangria with some of the cherries we bought and slices of lemon. Ahhh.

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday and enjoying some nice treats. Talk soon. xo


Joel Yana said...

Great post! Did you take those pictures? Amazing images - I especially liked the composition on the last one.

Ima Ventriloquist said...

Thanks for your kind words! And yes, I took these shots. :)